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Presidential Expression

11 years ago due to divine inspiration, the pain of my daughter Pooja inspired me to serve these differently abled children. As a result of this, Pooja Sewa Sansthan was established in the year 2010 in the form of a small tree by me and my wife Malti Devi in ​​collaboration with Rotary Club Bareilly North and Innerwheel Club Bareilly New North.

In doing anything for the benefit of these children, I feel intimate satisfaction, because the pain of my younger daughter inspired me to connect these children with the main stream of the society through this institution. were still deprived. Parents also played an important role in this work of mine. We thank all the parents who supported me in this work and understood my purpose and today we are giving these children what it really deserves. Today we all should take inspiration from the fact that our illustrious Prime Minister Mr. These children were also given the name of Divyang by Shri Narendra Modi. Which shows that today the thinking of all of us has changed in the society and today we are all heartily striving for a better future for these children.

The success of any work depends on its purpose and the continuous and selfless efforts of the people associated with that work, and in this work of mine, the members of Rotary Club Bareilly North and Innerwheel Club Bareilly New North became my partners, to whom I sincerely thank I give the service to these children by fulfilling the purpose of Rotary and Innerwheel "Service than self".

As a result of the efficient leadership of the institute, Arpan Sharma, the student of the institute, started his own mobile parts business and successfully doing his business, this child is working as a new light for the society. The children of the institute brought laurels to their parents and the institution by participating not only in India but also in America and Australia through the Special Olympics.


POOJA SEWA SANSTHAN values equal opportunity, protection of rights

and full participation for children with mental retardation.